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Hi there, Scotland HealthTechies!


So, what’s the One HealthTech Edinburgh Hub all about? We’re glad to you asked...


We have a brilliantly collaborative and innovative environment here in Scotland and the main goal of our OHT hub is to amplify that. We help newbies (and oldies) to tap into this awesomeness though our supportive and inclusive community. We’re really lucky that Scotland has a booming tech industry and a wealth of companies (big and small), academics and NHS teams all working to improve health and care in many different ways. We believe that bringing people together from as diverse a range of backgrounds as possible can spark ideas and connections and lead to amazing things!


We’ve run events on a whole host of interesting topics (e.g. using health data, stimulating innovation, evaluating interventions, careers) and we’ve got loads more up our sleeves. We get healthtech superstars to come and share their wisdom, but we also love to encourage that all-important networking by making it less daunting and more fun (Pacman networking works brilliantly!). Come along to our next event to see for yourselves…


As the first Scotland-based hub, we’ve been running here in Edinburgh since Spring 2018, but we’re also keen to help other hubs set up in cities across Scotland. It’s super easy to get started and all the other hubs are really supportive so if you’re interested just get in touch!


Big OHT hugs,

Catherine, Michael, Kathrin, Pamela, Claudia, Elsie and Fi

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Catherine Stables

Edinburgh Hub Co-Curator

Catherine is a post-doctoral research data scientist interested in innovative ways to collect, analyse and use data to improve health and care. Experienced Postdoctoral Researcher working with a team of clinicians to deliver projects around digital and data-driven innovation.



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If you're interested in volunteering with the Hub, then drop us an email and we'd love to chat! We need help with everything from social media, to event-organising to partnerships. It's great fun!


Michael Barry

Edinburgh Hub Co-Curator

Michael is a medical doctor working in A&E in NHS Lothian; a clinician software developer; and 2017-2018 Clinical Saltire Fellow at the Digital Health & Care Institute.

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