2020 Festive Send-Off

Waving goodbye to this strangest of years with a chance to catch up with the community and spread some OHT joy!

If there was ever a year to need some festive cheer, it was surely 2020! 

We wanted to take the opportunity to celebrate all the amazing things that our commnity have done this year and would love to invite you over to our place for an evening of festive cheer that will warm the cockles of your chilly, December hearts. 

This is open to those who're involved in the community, those who are new to it and those who just fancy popping along to see some professional adults being very silly! 

We want this to be a chance to spread some festive cheer but also to let people connect with and meet people from across the healthtech sector in an informal way. Feel free to pop in and out as you please, bring your kids, join whilst you're cooking dinner or taking your daily walk. Come as you are or come in some seasonal sparkle or festive gear. Everyone is welcome here. 

Here's our festive line up: Dasher, dancer, comet...wait no - that's another festive line up. Here's the actual one: 

7:00 PM - general merry chit-chat 

7:10 PM - a welcome from OHT 

7:20 PM - Summary of the year talk from our spectacular star speaker - Ayesha Rahim, Chief Clinical Information Officer - Lancashire and South Cumbria NHS Foundation Trust   

7:35 PM - festive fun!    

- quick-fire festive quiz    

- Breakout room discussion 

- Reflections on this year in healthtech    

- Christmas creations game    

- Launch of the OHT Heroes Campaign   

9:00 PM - end of formal activities but feel free to hang about and share a mince pie over some chat9:00 PM - end of formal activities but feel free to hang about and share a mince pie over some chat

More about our amazing speaker - Dr Ayesha Rahim

Dr Ayesha Rahim is a Chief Clinical Information Officer and Deputy Medical Director, and has worked in the NHS for over 15 years. She is a graduate of the first cohort of the NHS Digital Academy and is a member of the Faculty of Clinical Informatics. Her interests include clinical engagement in digital transformation, and the representation of BAME women in the digital health sphere – Ayesha is a founding member of the Shuri network which is a network for all women of colour working in digital health.

She works clinically as a psychiatrist, and can be found on Twitter @AyeshaRahimCCIO

OHT Hero Nominations

Please submit your nominations here

We're also looking for your nominations for OHT's 2020 HealthTech Heros. I want to stress that these do not need to be all-out, shining armour acts of valour in the face of unbeatable odds. Sometimes someone, through some action, big or small, makes an impact on your life, those of others or those of the public at large, just through being an incredible human. We want to celebrate those people. So this Christmas - nominate your Healthtech Heroes - HERE -  and we'll give them a shoutout at the event!