Always On: How Can Tech Help Us Deliver a 24/7 Service? (Cardiff)

Join us for our next Meetup where we will discuss how technology can help us to manage a 24 hour healthcare service whilst maintaining a healthy work/life balance!

Delivering a 24/7 healthcare service to patients is challenging. Technology advancements support the increasing demands put on health boards to manage patient care. From having the ability to access clinical systems on portable mobile and handheld devices to ensuring technical support is available at critical times. 

In this event we look at how these advancements are used to support our healthcare services, and how we can best balance the needs of the service without burnout. It will also, as always, be an opportunity to meet other amazing people, particularly women, working in healthtech in Cardiff!

Speakers include:

Cari-Anne Quinn, Chief Executive for the Life Sciences Hub Wales. 

Catherine O’Brien, Director of Welsh Blood Service

Dr Teena Clouston,  Senior Fellow AdvHE, Reader: Occupational Therapy, School of Healthcare Sciences, College of Biomedical and Life Sciences at Cardiff University


6.00 Registration & refreshments

6.30 Presentations, Q&A

8.15 Drinks, nibbles & networking

9.00 Close



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