Diversity and inclusion among NHS entrepreneurs – The Clinical Entrepreneur Programme (Cambridge and Manchester)

Join us for this fascinating online event on how to make entrepreneurship in the NHS Clinical Entrepreneur Programme more representative. The programme will now accept applications from all healthcare staff, clinical and non-clinical. A fantastic opportunity!

In collaboration with our friends at NHS England & NHS Improvement, our One HealthTech hubs at Cambridge and Manchester are hosting a zoom webinar focussed on the NHS Clinical Entrepreneur Programme (CEP). 

The NHS team will talk about the recruitment process and their interest on recruiting a diverse and inclusive pool of innovators.

In our capacity of a volunteer-led grassroots community that supports and promotes under-represented groups to be future leaders in health innovations, our OHT hubs in Cambridge and Manchester are delighted to partner with the NHS to host this webinar. OHT hubs ambition to share insights that help promoting diversity and inclusion among 2020/2021 CEP’s applicants and provide independent support prior to their application submission. We all want to ensure the future healthtech innovators can make the most of this opportunity.

Topics we will address:

  • The NHS Clinical Entrepreneur Programme and its focus on equality, diversity and inclusion
  • Real life experiences of clinical CEP entrepreneurs
  • The recruitment application process 2020/2021
  • Panel Q&A – we want to create a flexible and safe environment to discuss ALL types of questions!
  • Signpost to extra support for applications and offer informal feedback from the OHT tea

Event format: Short talks from the NHS and OHT teams followed by a chaired group discussion. Remember that our aim is to engage a diverse and inclusive pool of applicants. ALL questions are allowed. The event will not be recorded or available on demand.


12.30 - Welcome

12.45 – The NHS Clinical Entrepreneur Programme

12.55 – Real life experiences of innovators from under-represented groups

13.10 – The CEP application process 2020/2021

13.15 – Panel discussion and Q&A

13.45 – Optional breakout room discussion and networking


  • Prof. Tony Young, National Clinical Director for Innovation NHS England & Founder Clinical Entrepreneur Programme
  • Zainab Garba-Sani, Clinical Innovation Manager at NHS England and NHS Improvement
  • Catherine Pollard, One HealthTech Cambridge Co-Curator
  • Alejandra Hernandez, One HealthTech Manchester Co-Curator
  • TBC