OHT London Talks: Value of Healthcare Data

Join us for an awesome pub chat about the value of healthcare data

We are so excited to be starting the year with an event on one of the hottest topics in healthtech aka the value of healthcare data and what a fair commercial model looks like between patients, healthcare organisations and the private sector when there is access to data to create a product. 

We will be asking many questions to our fabulous speaker Saira Ghafur who is the Director of the Sowerby Forum and a Policy Fellow Digital Health Centre for Health Policy, Institute of Global Health Innovation, Imperial College London. Saira has been working on this for a while and is about to publish a paper in February on the value of healthcare data. We are very lucky to get a sneak preview of the content of her paper and get to ask her many thorny quetsions like:

  • Is it fair that a company who uses data collected within an NHS setting to develop an algorithm, sells that algorithm back to the NHS without any sort of financial value back to the system?
  • Is it possible to develop viable commercial models where the healthcare gets some sort of financial value back? Or would it hamper innovation?

Please do join us!!! 

A bit more about our fab speaker

Dr. Saira Ghafur MBChB, MRCP (resp), M.Sc. is the lead for digital health at the Institute of Global Health Innovation, Imperial College. She also practices as a consultant in Respiratory Medicine at St Mary’s Hospital. 

Saira is leading the work on the value of the NHS data asset at IGHI. This involves working with partners from academia, governments, NHS and industry. Others programmes of work she leads include: cyber security for healthcare, AI and machine learning in low and middle income countries and a simulation based test bed for digital health products.

Saira was previously awarded a Harkness Fellowship in health policy and was based at the Commonwealth Fund, New York. 



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