Get Involved!

We're founded on grassroots, volunteer-led efforts and activities. We have a range of ways you can get involved to suit your needs and appetite; be it making OHT a big part of your life, or just sitting on the sidelines and receiving the odd newsletter.

Here are some suggestions of ways to get involved!

If none of if this is you, remember you can email us at info[at]onehealthtech[dot]com


The "Follower"

"Followers" follow (shocking, we know) OHT and its Hubs on social media, they subscribe to our newsletter, and generally read and browse our website content. We hope that Followers get so inspired that they become Contributors!


The "Contributor"

"Contributors" are active members. They join the community Slack channel, post jobs and opportunities on our board, volunteer for a Hub or join a Campaign to supercharge it! 
PS Do the "Follower" actions too!


The "Driver"

"Drivers" are our most engaged members of the community! "Drivers" set up new Hubs or come up with and lead new Campaigns.

Drivers are members of the community who want to make OHT a big part of their professional lives.


The "Supporter"

"Supporters" through their networks, influence and pennies make OHT be even more impactful! Supporters tend to be mid-large companies, senior figures in healthtech, but also as individuals you can support by donating to our Accessibility Fund!

PS Remember to keep in touch by doing all the "Follower" actions too!