Becoming a Contributor

We help the creation of local communities, united by a single vision: to deliver a more inclusive, diverse and representative health tech sector.

By signing up to join the community, you become a One HealthTech "Contributor". We call you Contributors because your presence and contribution is what makes us who we are. Becoming a Contributor is free. Obviously.



Being a Contributor means:

  • You can attend any one of our Hub events.

  • You can receive our awesome monthly community newsletter full of opportunities, events and community-feels.

  • You can become a mentor and help other people around the world progress their healthtech careers.

  • You can be added to our database of "thought-leaders" which means we will send you interesting opportunities, including conferences, inputs on policy or consultancy work.


In addition, you can also become a volunteer and be part of one of our awesome Hub teams! If you want to know more about what volunteering for OHT means and the joys of community-building, please reach out to the local community, or get in touch via info@onehealthtech.com if you want to volunteer with OHT Core or start a new Hub.

By giving us this information, we know who is in the community, what they want to offer and what they're looking for from OHT. This information helps us marry up the right kinds of skills, geography or organisations. Some of this data also helps us make sure we are as diverse as we aim to be. Please read our Privacy Policy for the full details.