Upcoming Events in the Midlands

Alright bab,


We are the Midlands team!

We cover the bit in the middle of the country and strongly oppose the North/South divide. The Midlands is Large and In Charge.


We are pretty new to the family and are focussing our efforts at getting some wonderful events
planned for Birmingham, Coventry and Leamington Spa. Nottingham is coming soon!


We would love to hear from you, if it's something you want to hear about, something you want to talk about or someone you want to connect with then please let us know.


Also, if you fancy a trip to see us then 100% of the people who come to the Midlands say that it’s a lot
nicer than they thought.

We think it’s bloody brilliant and are convinced you will too.


We can’t wait to meet you.
Ta-ra a bit.x

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Hub Team


Lauren Bevan

Birmingham Hub Curator

Lauren is Head of Healthcare at BJSS.



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If you're interested in volunteering with the Hub, then drop us an email and we'd love to chat! We need help with everything from social media, to event-organising to partnerships. It's great fun!

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We are a volunteer-led organisation and reliant on the support of partners. For more details on partnering email us or contact your local hub.

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