Volunteer for One HealthTech (global!) - Deadline 5th December 2020

2020 has been a challenging year... for just about everyone right!? But, as community that's built on bringing people physically together, COVID kinda made life very difficult, especially as a community that's powered by volunteers working in the healthtech space. Many of us have been very lucky that our professional lives have thrived and exploded, even if at times it's been overwhelming and stressful.

But with every cloud, there's a silver lining. The OHT community has gone through a wonderful, collaboratively-created new strategy exercise, the draft of which can be found here (we'll be writing a blog soon on how we did it, what we learnt and what could have been done better!)

A major area of focus was led by a "Decision-making and Governance" group (see some of their thinking here) who reviewed how decisions get made, who makes them and how do we ensure OHT as an organisation and community operates like a group of starlings (flexible, more self-organising, moving forwards), rather than being led by a single individual or small team.

So we're kicking off our new strategy implementation by recruiting a new amazing team of volunteers who want to drive and support OHT at a strategic level, support in developing OHT as a platform and constantly challenge OHT in the way that it does what it does.

Here's some of the feedback following the summer's "Strategy Jog"

We're recruiting into 11 Squads, from impact and diversity, to Hub support and community data, there are LOADS of ways you can get involved. All the essential details are on our Notion board, but the highlights are below:

The "terms of reference" to volunteer for these Squads include important features like like being fixed-term (1 year) and requiring low-level but consistent time throughout this period. Being a Support Volunteer is, hey you called it, about supporting, not leading . You're there to help the OHT volunteers thrive, and in doing so, make OHT as impactful as possible, this involves running training, building processes and supporting documentation writing. And lastly, you'll always work as part of a small team, constantly collaborating with others in other Squads. This makes volunteering more fun, the Squad more resilient and ensures a diversity of thought.

For a full list of what these roles all broadly have in common, read the full list here!

If you're interested in any/many of the volunteer roles before, apply by filling in this form.

The deadline is the 5th of December at 10pm GMT &

We have a kick-off meeting for everyone on the 7th at 17:30 so SAVE THE DATE!

🦸🏿‍♂️ Support Volunteer Coordinator🦸🏿‍♂️

Coordinating and supporting the team of support volunteers

🌎 Hub Support🌎

Supporting our increasingly global Hubs to run smoothly, work effectively and be AWESOME

⛏️ Campaigns⛏️

Support volunteers to run impactful projects supporting diversity in healthtech

📈 Impact📈

Support in the design and measurement of OHT metrics of impact and how to enable local work to consider impact more carefully

🏳️‍🌈 Equality, Diversity, Inclusion and Accessibility 🏳️‍🌈

Keep the OHT community honest and a leader in diversity in healthtech!

📰 Global Content📰

Strategically design how our content really is reflective of our community and a sum of its parts across all our channels

🎨 Data & Design🎨

Think about how we use community data and make sure our look and feel is as it should be :-)

💸Commercials & Business Development💸

Help us build our commercial model and offering to supporters and partners

☺️ Community Engagement & Culture☺️

Take a step back and make sure the OHT community is being clear, inclusive and friendly, for both members and volunteers and ensure decisions and governance is designed as it should be

🤝 Partnerships🤝

Help make both global partnership of us to the whole OHT community and support Hubs and campaigns to make local partnerships

💡 Global Special Projects & Community Innovation

Keep us learning with news ways to offer up activities, collaborate globally and make OHT as great and meaningful community

If you're interested in any/many of the volunteer roles before, apply by filling in this form.

The deadline is the 5th of December at 10pm GMT &

We have a kick-off meeting for everyone on the 7th at 17:30 so SAVE THE DATE!

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